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Second Citizenship
Business Consultancy
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A unique team of business, legal and marketing professionals working in the best interest of clients.

Finding the best solutions for international clients seeking safety and diversity of options for residency and citizenship, property investment, asset management tools and business support services.

Advance Global Partners
Intelligence matters.



Investing in real estate is an important component of tax planning


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caribbean , citizenship-by-investment , club , justin-donovan , opinion , spouse

The “Bachelor Tax” Some CIPs Charge on Single Applicants

July 1, 2020

Justin DonovanHong Kong   Single people supposedly have it easy in life; they have no family obligations, can date...

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The Unique Advantages of Residency by Investment in a British Overseas Territory

July 1, 2020

Dart Real EstateSponsor   First sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1503 and a British Overseas Territory since 1962, the...

cbi , cip , citizenship-by-investment , club , data , intel-data , statistics , turkey

Turkey CIP Naturalized 4,000 Investors in 3 Months During Pandemic, Raising US$17 Million a Day

June 30, 2020

Christian NesheimEditor   Turkey’s astonishingly popular citizenship by investment program is bucking the trend of COVID-triggered slowdowns observed elsewhere...


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